Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions raised by most ViewGrip members. If you need specific questions, please use the contact page.

  • What is Coin?

    Coin is a payment method for any views that have been successfully made by other members, so your credit amount will be deducted if your video is successfully watched until the time you specify.

  • How to Get Coin?

    Coin you can get whenever you want, please go to the (Get Coin) menu and choose the method you want for example: watching videos / liking videos or subscribing to channels.

    You will be paid using credit if you successfully complete each exchange.

  • How to Get Views, Like & Subs

    You must have enough credit so that your video or channel is displayed on the Viewgrip system.

    Please go to the Campaign menu Select campaign type Please complete the form that we provide.

    If your credit amount is sufficient then your video or channel will immediately appear on the ViewGrip system.

  • How to Buy Coin

    You must have a balance before buying credit, please fill in the balance first to the Shop menu Add Balance, enter the amount of money you want and you will be directed to the PayPal page for payment processing.

    To buy credit, please go to the Shop menu Buy Coin select the amount of credit you want.

  • What is a Premium Member?

    Premium Member is a special member with additional features that are not available to Basic members, to see the Comparison of Features please go to the Shop menu Premium Member

    To become a premium member you must have a balance, to fill in the balance please go to Shop menu Add Balance.

  • Need help ?

    You can ask for assistance to the Staff ViewGrip through our Contact Page.


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