Frequently Asked Questions

Here are most questions asked by member ViewGrip, If you need a specific question please use the contact page.
1) About us
ViewGrip is a Traffic Exchange service which helps deliver more website traffic to its customers that are numerous. Anyone can participate in the Traffic Exchange system that is free.

You'll be revealed the sites of other members when you participate. In return, thousands of other active members will view your site. Instead, it is possible to just purchase a traffic bundle from us and begin receiving site hits!
2) How to get free credit
You can get a free credit by the Views menu, Like and Subscribers. Each exchange successfully Viewgrip will give you credit.
3) How to get bonus
Viewgrip provide daily bonus for active members, you have to do at least 50 exchange / action to get a daily bonus.

Daily Bonus amount depends on the level you have, Learn here
(login required).

Additionally ViewGrip provide Rewards feature, you can use this feature to get a free credit, Learn here
(login required).
4) How to get Views, Like & of subscribers
You can add your video to get Views, Like and Subscribers here (login required).
5) How to buy credit
Before buying credit you must have sufficient balance, If you do not have a Balance please order here (login required).

Balance charging can only be made using PayPal.
6) What is a VIP Membership
VIP Membership allows users to get a lot of bonuses and more features, Learn here (login required).
7) What's Affiliates
Affiliate system allows users to earn bonus credits and cash, you can withdraw money through a PayPal account, Learn here (login required).
8) Do my videos safe from the ban?
Yes, of course, view, like and of subscribers that resulted from our highly secure website from the ban, and the source of the traffic is not visible from ViewGrip.
9) Need help ?
You can ask for assistance to the Staff ViewGrip through our Contact Page.