Terms of Service

By accessing Viewgrip, we consider you have understood and followed the terms & conditions we had.


In this case we will always maintain the confidentiality of your information, we do not recommend that you provide your account information to others, we are not responsible for losing your data due to your negligence.
Our staff will never ask for any password about your account.

Account Suspension & Violations

  1. Only one account is allowed per IP address, family or individual, ViewGrip has its own way of defining multiple accounts.
  2. We will block personal domain e-mail if it is used to create multiple account / spam accounts.
  3. We reserve the right to permanently suspend the account if the user is proven to have intentionally cheated on the referral feature.
  4. We will permanently suspend accounts for any user who cheats on the available services.
  5. ViewGrip holds the right to terminate an account if we imagine a breach of our Terms of Service without warning.


  • You are not allowed to send coins or cash with whom you have shared the same IP address or from a referral account.
  • ViewGrip reserves the right to revoke coins and cash commissions at its sole discretion, at any time.


  • ViewGrip cannot be held liable for any content shown through the Traffic Exchange system.
  • Mature sites may not be encouraged through the Traffic Exchange system.


  • ViewGrip cannot be held liable ViewGrip cannot be held liable for any damage that may be caused indirectly or directly by using this service.


  • We may identify device type, IP and cookies for the purposes of our assessment of your actions.
  • We reserve the right to stop any action you take if our crawler deems your action to be illegal.
  • We will cut off the Coin if the member to unsubscribe channel or unlike video outside of the site, if repeated very possible account suspension.


  • Balance earnings: ViewGrip will provide cash commissions through the referral program or bonuses for every legitimate action, however your current earnings can only be used to purchase services on ViewGrip.
  • Coin earnings: You will be paid by other members for every view, like or subscribe to a channel that we deem valid.


  • ViewGrip only guarantees to bring in other users to interact with your Videos/channel and makes no guarantees whatsoever about the results with third party services. For example, ViewGrip does not guarantee the number of statistical upgrades that third parties (eg YouTube) have.


  • ViewGrip holds the right to keep all the information associated with your account after you delete your account.


  • We always provide the best service for you, in terms of purchasing products in any form on this site there are no refunds.
  • Refund policy does not apply for any reason, except viewgrip server can not be accessed for 1 week.
  • ViewGrip holds the right to deny a refund if the service has been largely used up, or if there is reasonable suspicion of fraud.


You can share your referral link on your web, blog or social media, invite your traffic to join ViewGrip, you are prohibited from tricking or registering a fake account with your referral code, our system will be very observant to check every user who registers through your referral link . any violation will result in permanent account suspension.


  • ViewGrip reserves the right at any time to update the currently available software without the user's consent for reasons of service quality improvement.
  • These terms and conditions may change depending on the situation in the future

Your consent

  • We will assume you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions when you start using our services.


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