Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Your access to ViewGrip implies your acknowledgment and adherence to the terms and conditions outlined by our platform.


In this context, we diligently maintain the confidentiality of your information. We strongly advise against sharing your account details with any third party, and we do not accept responsibility for any data loss resulting from negligence on your part. Our staff members are strictly instructed never to request your account password.

Your Information Data

ViewGrip securely stores data obtained from registration forms, cookies, and publicly generated IP locations for user identification and prevention of duplicate accounts. The data stored remains confidential and is accessible only to the account owner and ViewGrip management.

Account Policies

  • Only one account per IP address, household, or individual is permitted. ViewGrip reserves the right to define multiple accounts based on its criteria.

  • Each channel and its content may be promoted by a single account only.

  • ViewGrip reserves the right to terminate accounts breaching our Terms of Service without prior notice.

  • Accounts suspended by ViewGrip cannot be requested for deletion due to security reasons.

  • Users are prohibited from creating new accounts after an account suspension.

Suspension and Blacklisting

  • We retain the right to blacklist channels and associated content in case of continuous rule violations.

  • Intentional manipulation of the referral feature may result in permanent account suspension.

  • Accounts engaging in any form of service abuse will be permanently suspended.

Cash and Minutes Percentages

  • Sending coins or cash from the same IP address or referral account is prohibited.

  • ViewGrip reserves the right to revoke coins and cash commissions at its sole discretion and at any time.

Content Responsibility

While ViewGrip endeavors to maintain a secure and reputable platform, it's important to note the following regarding content displayed through our Traffic Exchange system:

  • ViewGrip does not assume responsibility or liability for the content exhibited within the Traffic Exchange system. Users engaging with the Traffic Exchange system acknowledge that the content displayed is generated and controlled by other users or entities, and ViewGrip does not endorse or verify the accuracy, quality, or legality of such content.

  • As a fundamental policy, mature or explicit content is strongly discouraged within the Traffic Exchange system. Users are advised to refrain from promoting or engaging with content that contains explicit, adult-oriented, or mature material. Any violation of this policy may result in immediate suspension or termination of the user's account without prior notice.

  • It is crucial for users to understand that while utilizing the Traffic Exchange system, they may encounter various types of content. ViewGrip cannot guarantee the suitability, accuracy, legality, or quality of content displayed, and users are advised to exercise discretion and judgment while interacting with such content.

  • In cases where users encounter inappropriate or potentially harmful content within the Traffic Exchange system, we encourage immediate reporting to our support team. Reporting such content contributes to upholding the integrity of our platform and fostering a safer environment for all users.

By utilizing the Traffic Exchange system on ViewGrip, users agree to these terms regarding content responsibility and acknowledge that any violation of these guidelines may result in account suspension or termination.


ViewGrip operates with a commitment to providing a reliable platform; however, users must acknowledge their responsibility while using our services. By engaging with ViewGrip, users agree to exercise caution and understanding regarding the following:

  • ViewGrip holds no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly by using our service. Users assume sole responsibility for the manner in which they utilize our platform and the consequences arising from such use.

  • It is the user's responsibility to ensure compliance with local laws, regulations, and third-party platform policies when utilizing ViewGrip's services. Any violation or breach of these guidelines may result in account suspension or termination without prior notice.

  • Users are advised to review and stay updated with our policies, terms, and any modifications or updates that may occur. Continued use of our services post-policy alterations indicates acceptance and adherence to the revised terms and conditions.

ViewGrip reserves the right to enforce these responsibilities outlined herein, and failure to comply may result in account sanctions or restrictions. Users are encouraged to contact our support team for any clarification or assistance in understanding their responsibilities while using our platform.

Viewer Engagement

  • For analytical purposes, we may gather device type, IP, and cookie information.

  • We retain the right to cease any action deemed unlawful by our system.

  • Coin deductions may occur if members unsubscribe or dislike content outside of our platform, possibly leading to account suspension on repeated offenses.

Your Earnings

  • Earnings, in the form of balance or coins, are provided for legitimate actions and can only be used to purchase services on ViewGrip.

  • Coin earnings are obtained from other members for valid interactions with channels or videos.

Guarantees About Your Results

In utilizing ViewGrip's services, it's important to understand our commitments and limitations regarding the outcomes of your actions:

  • ViewGrip assures users of enhanced engagement and interaction with their videos/channels within our platform. However, it's important to note that while we strive to boost user engagement, we cannot guarantee specific or quantifiable results, such as a predefined number of views, likes, or subscribers, on third-party platforms or services.

  • Users should acknowledge that while our services focus on augmenting visibility and engagement within ViewGrip's ecosystem, outcomes on external platforms (e.g., YouTube, social media channels) are subject to their algorithms, policies, and user behavior, over which ViewGrip has no direct control.

  • We emphasize that ViewGrip's primary commitment is to drive user engagement within our platform. Any outcomes or statistics achieved on external platforms through the use of our services cannot be guaranteed or assured by ViewGrip.

  • Users are encouraged to leverage our services for increased visibility and engagement within ViewGrip, recognizing that results on external platforms may vary and are contingent on multiple factors beyond our control.

By utilizing ViewGrip's services, users accept and understand these terms and limitations regarding guaranteed outcomes, acknowledging that results on third-party platforms may differ and are beyond ViewGrip's guarantee.

Payments & Purchase

Ensuring a clear understanding of our terms and conditions is paramount before engaging in any transactions on ViewGrip's platform:

  • It is crucial for users to acquaint themselves with our services and comprehend the associated terms and conditions prior to initiating any purchase. This preemptive understanding is vital to mitigate potential risks or losses.

  • ViewGrip's offerings encompass various platforms and exclusive features; however, it's important to note that services such as views, likes, and subscribers are not directly sold. Instead, our platform focuses on facilitating user engagement and visibility within our ecosystem.

  • The majority of services on our platform are offered free of charge, and users are under no obligation to make purchases. Purchases, when available, are intended to enhance user experiences through optional add-ons or specialized features.

  • Should users encounter any issues or queries related to payments, we strongly encourage reaching out to our dedicated support team before taking any further actions. Our support team is readily available to assist in resolving payment-related concerns and providing necessary guidance to ensure a smooth and satisfactory user experience.

By engaging in any purchases or transactions on ViewGrip, users affirm their understanding and acceptance of these payment policies, acknowledging that the platform's services primarily revolve around user engagement and do not entail the direct sale of views, likes, or subscribers.

Refund Policy

  • Requests for refunds are honored if the account balance remains unused within 24 hours.

  • Disputing a payment without prior contact with our support team may result in permanent account suspension.

Referral Features

The facilitation of referral links across your website, blog, or social media is allowed and encouraged within ViewGrip's framework:

  • Users are granted permission to share their unique referral links across various platforms, including personal websites, blogs, or social media channels. Utilizing referral codes to invite traffic and expand ViewGrip's user base is a supported practice within our platform.

  • However, it is imperative to adhere to ethical and legitimate practices when promoting referral links. Any attempts to engage in misleading or fraudulent activities, including the creation of fake accounts using referral codes or any other deceptive practices, will result in immediate and permanent suspension of the user's account.

  • Users are advised to uphold integrity and transparency while employing their referral links, fostering genuine engagement and avoiding any deceitful methods to attract referrals.

By participating in our referral program and utilizing referral links, users acknowledge and commit to conducting fair and honest practices. Any deviation from these ethical standards may lead to severe consequences, including permanent account suspension.


ViewGrip maintains the prerogative to enhance service quality through periodic software updates, as part of our commitment to delivering optimal user experiences:

  • In our pursuit of continually improving service quality, ViewGrip reserves the right to implement software updates without requiring explicit consent from users. These updates are conducted to enhance platform functionality, address potential issues, and introduce new features that align with evolving user needs.

  • Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to revisions and updates based on changing circumstances or improvements in service delivery. Users are encouraged to periodically review these terms to stay informed about any modifications or updates.

By utilizing ViewGrip's services, users acknowledge and accept the possibility of periodic software updates implemented by the platform to maintain service quality and user satisfaction. Furthermore, users recognize that these terms and conditions are subject to changes and updates to align with ViewGrip's evolving service standards.

Your Consent

Registration of an account on ViewGrip implies your acceptance and adherence to the terms and conditions outlined herein:

  • By completing the account registration process, users are deemed to have thoroughly read, comprehended, and consented to abide by the terms and conditions stated within this document. Continued utilization of ViewGrip's services post-registration indicates acknowledgment and agreement with these terms.

  • If users find any discomfort or disagreement with the terms and conditions presented, they reserve the right to discontinue using ViewGrip's services. Termination of service usage under such circumstances is considered voluntary, and users are free to explore alternative platforms that align with their preferences.

By proceeding with the account registration process and utilizing ViewGrip's services, users confirm their understanding and agreement to comply with the terms and conditions outlined. Users are encouraged to seek clarification or guidance from our support team if any aspects of these terms are unclear or raise concerns before continuing with service usage.