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Minimum Requirements to run Worker on Desktop

  • 18 Apr 24
Minimum Requirements to run Worker on Desktop

Before you begin, it's crucial to figure out the minimum requirements your device needs to run the worker. This helps ensure everything runs smoothly and maximizes your earnings.

Device Specifications

There are no specific hardware requirements for desktop devices, as the worker features are incredibly light and adaptable to any system. Desktops simply need to support the execution of popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. It's worth noting that certain desktop configurations with excessively low specifications may lead to browser crashes, a common occurrence in such cases.

IP Quality and Usage

Utilize genuine or high-quality IP addresses, while refraining from the use of VPNs/Proxies. This measure is in place to deter spam activities. Each IP address is restricted to a single account, ensuring a fair and secure environment.

Remote Desktop Access

There are no prohibitions against utilizing remote desktop or RDP access, provided that the IP quality meets our system's acceptance criteria.

Browser Recommendations

We currently endorse the use of browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Opera. Each browser instance is permitted to execute only one worker at a time.

Extension Installation

Before utilizing the worker, it is essential to install official extensions on your chosen browser. Click here to proceed with the installation process.

JavaScript Compatibility

All browsers must support JavaScript functionality. By default, JavaScript is typically enabled in browser settings unless manually disabled. Failure to enable JavaScript will result in the worker remaining inactive.

Autoplay Configuration

Ensure that autoplay functionality is enabled in your browser settings. This requirement is particularly relevant for Firefox users. For detailed instructions on enabling autoplay in Firefox, refer to this guide.

In Conclusion

Once you've ensured that your device meets the minimum requirements outlined above, you can seamlessly initiate the worker. It will operate continuously, generating coins for your account while maintaining stability and efficiency.